Superleggera 2.0 Football Boots


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SUPERLEGGERA 2.0. It's natural to want to give your best when you're on the field, and finding a pair of football shoes that allows you to be fast, have excellent ball control, and feel comfortable at all times can be a challenge. Our Superleggera 2.0, made of leather, meets all these requirements: it is the lightest football shoe ever created by us, weighing only 175 grams. The soft kangaroo leather upper provides flexibility, while the flat laces ensure optimal ball control. The Superleggera 2.0 is handcrafted using the same techniques we have employed since the foundation of Pantofola d'Oro in 1886. When you wear this shoe, you're not only seeking excellence, but you're also carrying over 130 years of Italian football history with you.

  • Flat laces allow precise ball control; The leather collar provides reliable ankle support;
  • 100% kangaroo leather upper offers excellent comfort in any weather conditions;
  • Cleats offer optimal traction and stability;
  • Ideal for use on natural and compact grass fields;
  • Weight: 175 grams;
  • Made in Italy.

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