Lazzarini X PUPI Football Boots


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LAZZARINI X PUPI. Pantofola d'Oro is proud to announce its collaboration with Javier Zanetti, a football legend and one of the most respected athletes in the history of the beautiful game. This unique partnership marks the convergence of Italian excellence in the footwear industry and Zanetti's boundless passion for football.

The strong synergy between craftsmanship excellence and legendary talent gives life to a collection of football shoes that celebrate Zanetti's love for the game and his social commitment. The collection draws inspiration from the historic "Lazzarini" model and includes two variants, each with a special meaning.

The second variant celebrates the Albiceleste and the exceptional figure of Javier Zanetti. The distinctive white and blue colors of the Argentine flag have been elegantly incorporated into this shoe, representing Zanetti's significant contribution as one of the greatest players from his country.

The soft Italian leather provides the best support, allowing natural movements and excellent ball control;

Ideal for use on compact terrains;
Made in Italy.

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